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If you work for any medium to large size corporation chances are the company sponsors something called the Voice of the Employee (VOE) program. The goal of this project is to solicit feedback from all levels of employees through a series of questions. The results are then tallied and forwarded to upper management so that they can address and take action where action is needed. The company I work for takes this very seriously and sends out constant reminders to those individuals who have not taken to the time to complete said survey.

The company I work for was also a recipient of bailout funds through the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). In a nutshell the TARP program was a federally sponsored bailout of various banks and other lending institutions arising from the sub-prime mortgage crisis as well as other insane lending practices and other risky investments.

Although my company has since repaid the government one would think that the questions on the Voice of the Employee would be geared to creative thinking and solicit feedback to try and prevent such a scenario happening again.

One would be wrong…

The results of the latest survey are in an I’m pleased to tell you that in a monumental decision we here in the Columbus, Ohio office have decided to appease the masses by changing coffee vendors.

I’m sure upper management struggled deep into the night with this game changing, life altering decision and we here at my place of employment are grateful for their continued efforts.

It’s nice to know we have our priorities in order.