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Guitar, programming, happiness
A small technology company.
Always the Clockmaker, never the Clock
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March 7, 2003
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Bryan (ATSIGN) gmail.com
college graduate

Other interests: fishkeeping, writing, programming, dancing, happiness, and all sorts of sounds that could be called music.
In the six years since I signed up for an account on e2 so much has changed. This is first time I've revised my home node in a few years. I'm no longer a college student. Sometimes I miss it. But I'm still learning everyday, so its all good. I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Math.

I found a better job writing software to fly airplanes. Lots of stress. :) I started a rock band. We packed coffee shops and art galleries. I fell in love numerous times in the past few years. I have a few scars from falling out of love. :)

The past is far, far away... Even yesterday is gone.

The music playing in my headphones is so college bar band. Its that song that comes on at the end of the night after a few beers. The smokey bar is slowing down and the band is too. The long haired singer/guitarist starts playing on his own. "The world waits for you..."

Its a lament for the woman that couldn't be good enough to love him. Its not bitter but cathartic. I raise a a beer and speak the world out loud. Not to her or any woman of my past. I speak to the lovable, caring person, that sometimes hides inside of me...

"The world waits for you.."

(Listening to Son Volt)

Updated Wednesday Oct 3, 2007

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