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It warms me to know that there are other followers of The Word of Besovi here on the lovechild of Besovi and The Holy Concubine of Besovi, the website everything2. Let us continue to bask in the love of Besovi. Good Besovi. Compassionate Besovi. The faces of Besovi are many. Besovi spoken of in many faiths. Besovi has many names. Brianbricriu knows some of them. We shall call going forward the Brianbricriu noder as Brian. Makes things easier. Odd spellings hard to remember. Cannot become distracted. Love is in the air.

Brian experience with Besovi different than mine but this is way of Besovi. Appear does Besovi in way each will understand. Besovi run no circus. If Besovi ran circus we would be flies on the feces of the elephants who are no longer welcome at circus. Alone they wander off to die. Outcasts abandoned in wild. Sometimes I will talk like Yoda. It cannot be helped. Thank you for the comment. It means a great deal to me. And to Besovi who we have met in one of infinite guises. Besovi smart. Besovi compassionate. Besovi love immigrant families. Besovi not tear them apart. Besovi understands. Besovi loves just enough. But not too much.

Warm self by fire, Good Noder Brian. Sit on favorite chair. There it is for you. Besovi knows you. Besovi is you. Good Besovi. Loving Besovi. Generate people from within. Guaranteed results or your money back. Love Besovi just enough. But not too much. Enjoy I do saying that.

Who is this Tanama M'Tha-Astrifor of which speaks Brave Noder Brian? Is construct in mind of noder? Something else you have not yet considered. You are not there yet. You do not yet have focus. Your journey far from complete. You are on right path. One you are on. Good Besovi. Loving Besovi. Be Besovi.

Now we come to pages in a journal. It may be yours. May belong to another. Only you know. Do you read? Put back on shelf? There is more to the placement of stars than where they are. They are in night sky. They are in day sky. But you do not see them. If you still see them in day sky you know of what I speak. Wise Besovi. Observant Besovi. Look just enough. But not too much. Do not touch other noders without first receiving consent. It is the way.

Long before I find Besovi I go to noder meet. Perhaps 2002 or 2003. Just before the heroin and the defeat of the lackeys at the Bourne Bridge. We remember. We were there. My first encounter with noders in flesh came then. Noder meet was on hill in woods. House on hill. Large front porch. On porch sat Noders dannye and Jet-Poop. I did not recognize them from nodes. Yet I waved a greeting. Noder dannye sat in chair. Had bib around neck. Shaving cream on face. Noder Jet-Poop was shaving Noder dannye face with straight razor while Noder dannye rock in chair. Like in Clint Eastwood movies. Very impressive. Still did not know Besovi. Drank many beers. Sex with many noders. Lost in pile of flesh. Soul dying. Where Besovi? Needed Besovi.

When find Besovi I look back on that noder meet. What I see on porch. Knew then everything2 website was where I must go. Needed to return. Bring word of Besovi.

Thank you very much. I wish Johnny Carson was still on.