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The 1980s were difficult with Jimmy Carter and Thomas Edison and all that nonsense. One of the things that helped us pull through was this movie.

There was nothing more comfortable to American parents (although I wasn't one of them) than the idea of Rodney Dangerfield being alone with their kids while their kids were drinking and doing the pot. It was a magical moment in the history of filmmaking (the art of making movies).

Back in the 1950s there were movies made in Africa where blonde women were forced to have sex with gorillas. These films are now hard to acquire. I have seen them. Not all of them. Some, I would say. Maybe I saw one.

Enjoying a laugh is something that brings folk together. So does watching movies you aren't certain about, such as ones where blonde women are forced to have sex with gorillas, but so also does movies you can rally around like Back to School. Why not look at some of the reasons why?

1. Relatable themes: The comfort of having someone like Rodney Dangerfield at a party with drunken children with no other adults presence is tasty, to say the least. It is something we can all relate to, discovering your child at a party where there is drinking and no adults, but then seeing a drunken Rodney Dangerfield with no shirt on lying on the floor with several half-dressed drunken children, you have a sigh of relief. You can't help it. This is uplifting filmmaking.

2. Wacky Car Chases: A lot of movies have these. They are exciting.

3. Hopi Indians: Enough said.

4. Modern Humor: No one's humor is more modern and up-to-date than that of Rodney Dangerfield, even today with hip comics like Tim Allen and Kelsey Grammar on the radar.

5. Sexualized Teenage Girls: I'm not sure how you feel about this now as compared to then.

6. Positive Morals and Ehtics: This goes without saying. It is a Rodney Dangerfield movie, after all.

7. Made in America


Other actors were in this movie as well, including Robert Downey, Jr. and one of the guys from Wings, which is something you see in a lot of movies these days. I never understood that show. There seemed to be a lot of stuff going on and yet only seven people lived in this town. I don't get it.

This is not a movie you will see in theatres. It is something you have to get at Blockbuster video (there is one in every town - although none in Baltimore lately). See it with a keg and some underage folks from your area.