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Who is coriolisforce? Why, the Coriolis Force doesn't really exist! And neither do I really, at least not in bits and bytes stored on server somewhere in the American Midwest. Sometimes we can forget there are real people behind Internet screennames...

Someday I would very much like to visit Osaka and eat lots of okonomiyaki and takoyaki. and anago. And buy shitajiki featuring the manga series I love. Also want to go to Singapore and visit the food hawker's stalls. Want to visit Singapore!

Random Info

Sitting alone in the computer lab...watching my programs take forever to finish running...nothing to console me except wading through everything2......*sigh*, I've been at this school for too long...

Thanks to the link from slashdot, I've been reading e2 for a long time (more than a year? Two years?) without ever writing anything or making a peep. (E2 is great for those who used to read the encyclopedia for fun as a kid!) But I realized a lot of your Chinese related writeups were sorely imcomplete. I don't have very many write ups since I won't write anything unless there is a large, gaping void I think ought to be filled. XP don't really matter except I would like to be able to vote someday because there are lots of writeups I like +++. Of course, at my pace, I'll probably only reach level 2 in about 4 years.

Ummm...I'm pretty quiet and tend to be a bit really shy so you'll never see me in the chatterbox. But I don't mind getting messages, though. And I'm always glad to hear any thoughts and suggestions.

I'm mildly obsessed with collecting interesting recipes....

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