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I haven't updated this in a while... I have added a few more links to the lists below, and intend to write more here... I'm hoping that seeing these words will motivate me to expand this section... Another day... Not now.




What sort of feedback I like: all, but especially advice on how something I write would be better in your opinion, or whether something I write perhaps isn't as clear as I think it is.

If I you asked me which one of my w/u's I'd want you to read, then for the next foreseeable future it's gonna be Pirahã.

What sort of stuff I've written around here:

Philosophy: I have an amateur interest in philosophy. A few of my first writeups were on Greek philosophy - Thales, Anaximander, Speusippus, Ion, and also the index for Ancient Greek Philosophy. Also: Antiochus of Ascalon, Plutarch, The Consolation of Philosophy and Aquinas' Five Ways.

Science: I've written a couple of biology write-ups - Biotinylation, The prion protein as a receptor for amyloid-beta, Nicotine receptors and depression, and LINE-1 retrotransposition in neurons. My goal is to write so as to be understood by non-specialists. If you're a non-specialist I'd love to know how I can make my science writeups more intelligible!

More biology write-ups of mine: The central dogma of biology, Thinking about atoms in biology, The Speed of Coke, The stress of city life, Lithium carbonate for treatment of bipolar disorder, The phylotypic stage of embryonic development, and De-extinction.

Other: ...