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February 27, 2001
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Next time you see a tree, blow it a kiss....and think of me

all EDB fun aside, a revelation, fate, a tree top happy ending happened in one beautiful moment:
01:38: sensei hugs cureobsession.

cureobsession wishes to be borged........
cureobsession knows dannye is on.........i can feel him........

<dannye> You think I'm the only one that borgs your dumb ass?
<cureobsession> dannye, i said nothing of the sort, read what i say more closely. don't assume shit
<anotherone> (The chatbox is filled with silence as the noders are taken aback at cureobsession's words.)

Something every noder should know....and boy am i gonna get fucked with this one.
<bozon> borg time is cumulative - if you've been borged once, the next time, it's longer, ...
<EDB> cureobsession looks tasty.
EDB stares at Muke and cureobsession
EDB hugs cureobsession too
EDB has swallowed cureobsession cureobsession was tasty!

EDB licks cureobsession
EDB has swallowed cureobsession *GULP*
EDB has swallowed cureobsession keep 'em coming!
<GirlsDontLikeMe> Sheesh, it has to have been an hour since cureobsession got borged

<GirlsDontLikeMe> passes out large signs saying SAVE CUREOBSESSION!
in response: clearpebbles throws the sign away

<GirlsDontLikeMe> cure: It's not that EDB enjoys swallowing you, it's probably that the gods think that you need to be shut up at times >P
<jasonm> i'm tellin ya... EDB must find cureobsession tasty. he's the krispy kreme of noders =)
<jasonm> boy, edb, don't you think cureobsession is a little tired? climb off him for a minute so he can recharge
<jasonm> taunts? I'm jealous. EDB is giving him head.

<jasonm> GDLM you don't know how cute he is, do you?
GirlsDontLikeMe wonders what jasonm is talking about
<jasonm> GDLM I saw him at DEUM. I'm waiting for him to come out now =)

<jasonm> cure: does EDB give good head?
<cureobsession> let me check....
<cureobsession> yup yup he does

<jasonm> cureobsession: doesn't all that oral sex by edb get boring after a while?
<cureobsession> nope, hes very very good
cureobsession licks EDB and pinches EDB's sexy ass

jasonm hugs cureobsession wildly
<bigmouth_strikes> is it me or is EDB having a crush on cureobsession... he always gets swallowed
<bigmouth_strikes> See...cureobsession is _always_ borged...
<bigmouth_strikes> hey to me. For all I know you're just an EDB-cracker... :)
<bigmouth_strikes> Oh No! EDB did it again! He sure thinks cureobsession is tasty!

<slide> woah, cureobsession is still borged! cool..
<slide> i think edb has a thing for cureobsession, and vice-versa... lotsa eating goin' on.
<Cow Of Doom> FREE CUREOBSESSION!* (*with purchase of large soda)
in response: Ælien purchases a large soda.

<qousqous> Everybody /msg cureobsession with taunts! whoot!

<Metacognizant> cureobsession is STILL borged? was it new or is this from hours ago?
in response: <GirlsDontLikeMe> New
<stand/alone/bitch> It's new

<Loon> uh oh! watch out, jane... EDB eats those he hugs... refer to cureobsession

Andara wonders how long cureobsession's latest borging will last
<Andara> ah... good EDB... cureobsession was starting to feel unloved

FelonyMPulse thinks its just a cruel plot to borging cureobsession 24/7...
<FelonyMPulse> why hasnt cure' been borged yet?
FelonyMPulse is just used to seeing cure' in the belly of the beast now... I feel uncomfortable otherwise
Kesper North waves cureobsession in front of EDB temptingly

<Mitchevious> jesus, cureobsession is borged. How long ago did this occur?
Mitchevious found E2 by sleeping with cureobsession

<clearpebbles> Oh that cure, he's a lousy kisser =P
clearpebbles is kidding