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Heli Attack 2 is an excellant and incredibly addictive flash game over at www.miniclip.com

The basic premise is simple: you are a lone soldier faced with wave after wave of helicopters that are trying to kill you. Your objective is to kill as many as possible before being forcibly shaken off this mortal-coil.

What makes this game interesting is the vast number of weapons and power ups available - every third heli destroyed releases one or the other. The weapons range from mediocre shotguns to awesome rail guns and nukes. The power ups include the frankly kick-arse "predator mode" and jet-packs.

Also of note is the ability to hyper-jump and slow down time ( a lá matrix ) by pressing ctrl and shift respectively.

All in all a pretty nifty game , ideal for wasting time that would be better spent studying or in my case sleeping :)

Say goodbye to your GPA!