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Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible
back to: Ezekiel
Book: Ezekiel
Chapter: 23

A history of the apostasy of God's people from him, and the
aggravation thereof.
- In this Parable, Samaria and Israel Bear the name Aholah, "her
own Tabernacle;" because the places of Worship those kingdoms
had, were of their own devising. Jerusalem and Judah Bear the
name of Aholibah, "my Tabernacle is in her," because their
Temple was the place which God himself had Chosen, to Put his
name there. The language and figures are according to those
times. Will not such humbling representations of nature keep
open perpetual Repentance and sorrow in the soul, hiding pride
from our eyes, and taking us from self-Righteousness? Will it
not also prompt the soul to look to God continually for Grace,
that By his Holy Spirit we may mortify the deeds of the body,
and live in holy Conversation and Godliness?