Sweatshop Union is not just a hip hop group with diverse vocal styles and crisp, soulful beats - they are the breath of fresh air that hip hop fans have been waiting for. Originally operating as four independent units (Kyprios, Dirty Circus, Creative Minds, and Innocent Bystanders), the Sweatshop Union Collective came together to offer an alternative to the seemingly repetitive, negative-natured released of rap music. So far, the most hip thing to come out of Canada.

Their first album was called "Local 604" and was released in 2002 featuring tracks such as "Up From the Ground" and "Humans Race".

Currently, the group consists of Kyprios, Marmalade, DJ Itchy Ron, Metty the Dert Merchant, Mos Eisley, Dusty Melodica, and Conscience. Their most recent album "United We Fall" was not as well received by fans in part due to its controversial tracks specifically about the US's war policy. This album differed from their second album called "Natural Progression" in its all around style.

The reason that I personally like this group and abhor common rap music is that hip hop music actually says something. Rap seems to all be about the same thing, whether it is about women, crime, or drugs. Sweatshop Union is not afraid to put a blatant political message in their songs. In fact, several songs from their latest album admit that their music is aimed at the younger generation that is still open minded enough to think about their circumstances with a critical eye.