I was wondering why there hadn't been a recurrence of the depressingly repetitive riots and hooliganism during the Euro 2000 football championships.

Well, it seems that England fans who turned up to watch the matches have found their way into Holland's famed cafes. After several hours of smoking Cannabis, these normally psychotic blokes have mellowed somewhat.

When England lost against Portugal, I feared the worst for the town of Eindhoven. Instead, it seems that the 3-2 defeat was greeted with "mild disappointment and gentle applause" (source http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/euro2000/teams/england/newsid_790000/790392.stm).

"Have you heard of anyone smoking a joint and then starting a riot?" said Ronald Dam of the Amsterdam Cannabis College. Waaait a minute. Cannabis college? WTF?

It seems that Pro-Cannabis lobby groups in the UK have seized upon this as evidence that decriminalising posession of cannabis would be a good thing in the UK

I say, like, peace, soccer dudes!