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Thomas Pennant (1726 - 1798) was a prolific U.K author. In his famous autobiography The Literary Life (1793) he states that he sometimes marvelled at his own industry.

He was born in Downing in Flintshire, North Wales on 14 June 1726, was a bright child and went on to attend an Oxbridge college(Queens College, Oxford) but like many of his contemporaries Pennant did not complete his formal training and thus received no degree

Pennant's first book was the 1766 folio, British Zoology. Thomas Pennant's tours and topographic works also display his insistence on detailed research. He considered Fine quality illustration very important in his natural history publications.

Among the accounts of tours he published are those of two separate visits to Scotland, under the title "Tour in Scotland" a tour from Chester to London, and an account of London itself. His "A Tour in Wales" (1778-1783) is regarded as being quite outstanding and easily the finest work in a considerable corpus of Welsh tour literature published from ca. 1770 onwards.