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Computers, analog circuits, vintage musical and audio gear, etc.
Silicon Alchemy, LLC
Knowledge of the innocent and pure becomes a deadly weapon in the hands of avarice and greed.
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I am quite new to e2 and am just hoping that I'm getting everything right...

I work for a a large bank as a sysadmin--but since I get to do most of my work from home it isn't too bad.

I enjoy the writings of a great many authors, far too many to list--but really like the works of Philip K. Dick as a start.

I do not watch television (barring The History Channel) and have really been enjoying the writing on e2--in particular the writing done by riverrun. This guy is practically God to me and how I discovered e2 in the first place.

I am currently living in a suburb of Chicago, USA.

I will write more later--just didn't want to leave this bio blank!