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Chrono Trigger

The Millennial Fair is the celebration of the thousandth anniversary of the kingdom Guardia. It represents the many, many years of hard work and achievement by the citizens of the kingdom. It showcases some of the finest works develpoed by the people of this great nation. It exists in Truce Village in the year 1000 AD.

Leene's Bell hangs in the center of the fair, recognised around the world for having the most beautiful chimes.

The young inventer Lucca from Truce Village has brought two of her creations to the fair. One is the combat simulation robot "Gato". This robot, shaped like a giant cat, sings as he fights. It is a good place for kids to begin to learn how to fight.

She also has brought a brand-new device to the fair, something that has never been seen before in this era. The telepod is a device that can be used to transport both humans and goods across vast distances, instantaneously.

Norstein Bekkler has also brought his scientific genius to the fair. He can be found in his own lab-tent to the east of the main attractions. There are a number of spooky things that go on in here, it is not recommended for small children.

The swordsmith Melchior has brought some of his wares all the way from the continent to the east. He has a variety of swords for sale, and is always looking to buy rare and exotic items.

The fair also has a dance contest, a soda drinking contest, a junior costume race, it's own candy store, and shopowners have set up temporary stores.

To get to the fair, simply head north out of Truce Village, in the year 1000 AD.