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In the northern reaches of Newfoundland, obscured and dormant, there lay a volcano of mythic power. The existance of this snow-capped sleeper, however, seemed to have been all but forgotten.

The magic was reignited when a certain plane passed over it. At that moment, I was transported from my bed into a strange space in Newfoundland which, like the volcano, has never really existed. I don't know why, but I knew that the reason involved this volcano.

I awoke in the attic of a large, aged building, and there was a wedding taking place (or, at least, the photography for one). However, it looked like the whole group was on risers, with the bride and groom sitting front and center. And the official party were wearing these ugly lavender outfits which made me feel like they had been hired while on their way to a low-budget HMS Pinafore production.

So I walked out of THAT room and descended to a lower level. This had a sound stage: there was no fourth wall, and the "sets" included bedroom, livingroom, and kitchen replicas side by side. I gawked at the bedroom: it looked like the old room of a recent ex-boyfriend who grew up in Newfoundland. There were posters of early 90s hair bands on the walls, and pictures of himself and family which I have seen before. His sister, a good friend, just got married this past weekend.

In walks in my friend's new husband. He looked at me with surprise and said, "What you are doing here? This is the past. You are not supposed to be here!" Nevermind what HE was doing in this past . . .

I told him I did not know how I got here, or where I was.

He said, "Like anyone's going to believe that. You tend to disappear and reappear."

We heard noises, and he hid me in a living room table while he moved to the side as a spectator. In walked in the family of four, who sat at the kitchen table as though it were a ceremony.

But it wasn't them. The people looked like they could be this family circa 1991, but it was not them. They were actors. This was the sitcom of their past life. And I watched from my hiding place in the table. The guy playing my ex did look suspiciously my way, but I was undetected.

Then the dream segued into something completely different and unremembered.