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OK, it looks like I get around to cleaning out my homenode about once a year. The old stuff I had in here was pretty dated.

I'm currently working as a project engineer for Estes Company, a medium sized construction company in Davenport, Iowa. The project I'm working on most is the renovation of the Davenport Federal Building. It's slated to be a 15-18 month project, and once we get rolling I'll probably be on site every day. The cool thing is that my office for the project will be in a US District Court Judge's chambers. Definitely a bit nicer than my cubicle at the office ;-).

In my free time (yes, I do even have some of that still), I'm spending a good bit of time with things at my church, St. Paul Lutheran. I'm also mountain biking a good bit, and trying to start swimming at the local YMCA.

Well, that's the brief version of what's going on with me. If you want to know more, msg me, or you can contact me at:
AIM: erikbjo