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But I try....  I try

Never gonna fall for .........             walks beside me

(Modern love)  walks on by me          (Modern love)            gets me to the church on time



Cities.  We love them and we hate them.   David Bowie, singing above, said it best: 

" There's no sign of life,  It's just the power to charm"    

 He was talking about love,  but I think he meant Modern Urban life. 

So many people crammed into a small place- fighting each other for every inch of every day.   What is the appeal? 

I ask others;  I ask myself.


The detachment of so many,  the earnest energy spent trying to make an honest connection with other human beings while keeping their distance from one another-      such a hurried existence spent surrounded by others,  and at the same time/ estranged 


and yet, and yet  I find myself attracted to this.   The urban existence

the safety of that frenzied anonymity.  


Do I prefer the deafening roar of the treadmill to the quiet of a peaceful small town ?   Blocks and blocks of strangers who refuse eye contact

as opposed to familiar faces every day,  faces of people who know me, maybe a little too well?   


Yes,  yes I do.