This title says it all

There are a couple of people in a cafe with only glass between them. And something important is happening

The Deadguy then tells us exactly what he promises    I read and re-read this story because I think it is both very powerful and self enclosed.  It describes a single evening, a small number of characters and wastes no time.

It leaves nothing unsaid 


The phrase above, taken from the story,  is a jewel from the narrative- a small piece of the larger moment that is the  scene in the restaurant.  It is such a tight discrete phrase that encompasses the whole thing, the story he is telling and the nature of the people in the story.  


The spilled secret,  a spilled purse  

how mascara equates with tears and how tears are always the  exclamation point, 

 even if we don't want them to be


The narrator describes how he is trying to save the moment then proceeds to do just that   


Cameras used to have flash bulbs   Now we have to rely on the talents of someone like TDG