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A card game for 2-4 players. Use a standard 52-card deck (jokers removed).

  1. Each player is dealt 7 cards.
  2. 4 cards are drawn and placed, face up, at the front, back, left and right sides of the deck. If one of the cards is a king, place by the corner of the deck, instead. The first player may fill the empty spot with any card from his or her hand.
  3. Each player draws at the beginning of his or her turn.
  4. During each players turn, he or she tries to get rid of as many cards as possible. Cards are played, solitaire-like, in rows of overlapping cards, with descending order and alternating colors. For example, if the row has a red king on top, the next card played must be a black queen, then a red jack, and so on. (Aces are low.)
  5. Players may move rows on top of other rows, as long as the new row is continuous. For example, if row A has a red 6 on top and row B has a black 5 on the bottom, row B may be moved onto row A. Since the spot where row B was is now empty, any card may be played there to start a new row.
  6. If you're holding a king, you can start a new row from one of the corners of the deck. (The corner rows may only be started with kings.)
  7. The player who gets rid of all their cards first wins!

Alternate rules. Addendum to rule #5: As long as one of the 4 sides is open, cards may also be played under the rows. The main advantage of this is it makes the game go a lot faster. Other variations involve drawing at the end of the turn instead of the beginning, and drawing 2 cards instead of one.

Jax, a game company, produced a version of this game called "Kings in the Corner" that uses chips and a tray to hold the cards.