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There’s got to be some definition
To this
I read it on your lips
And heard it in some
Love-struck whisper
Caught on the last gasps of
Some late night
An Antithesis.
An unobserved interference pattern
Changing when noticed.
A thing that’s in two places at the same time
And not there at all.
We are in superposition.
We are everything unobserved.
We are nothing.
The black matter.
The creation event.
The end of time.
The gravity well.
Every particle entangled in a
Wave pattern colliding and reverberating
Toward some event horizon.
Toward some perfection of mathematics.
Moving immeasurably away from something else.
I can only see so much of you in this spectrum
So I’ve made you into a theory so I can
Comprehend the rest.
The best explanation based on the evidence.
My lips so close to yours all that separates them is
The infinitesimally small vibrations occurring
At a sub-atomic level.
My body pressing against yours
With the gravity of some distant supernova.
The oscillating rhythms,
Synchronous orbits,
And invisible wave patterns of our creation event.
The movement of a mixture of trillions
Of carbon and oxygen particles
Through my biology
To manipulate the air we breathe
Into certain interferences that we call sounds
That translate in the auditory cortex
Of the occipital lobe.
Sounds like
“I miss you”
Which really means
“I love you”

Thanks Girldoll for the idea and everything else.