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Helen tragically perched
As the sea brings in the old gods
And burning ships
And dead men
The invincible Apollo is razing the battleground
Carelessly and at will
Laughing and cruel
And he cares for her not
His nymph that loved him so
Who waited in foreign lands and worshiped him
Sacrificed to him
Her gaze shifts to the crimson and cold beach
Paris on the shore
Bloodied by Hector
Hector lay slain by edge of Achilles
Great Achilles lays face down in the dirt
None are spared
None are spared
None except Apollo who laughs cruelly
And falls to the horizon
As a reminder to Helen that he can kill
Helen will cast herself to the water
Spilling and Cascading a great endless distance
And pray that her sacrifice will please the sea
But knows that it will not