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A death camp
That's what they call it
But they are wrong...
Hell is what it was
Three thousand per day
Laid into ashes
For their sons to see while
They slaved for the enemy
Dressed in black
Rifles behind you
Chamber full of death in front
We sleep on planks, starving
Dreamless and without hope
Not all of us
A rebellion was rising
First quietly, pushed to the darkest
Corners of our mind
Lest the great enemy
Find our intentions even there
A voice began to rise
Under news that we would all die
A dead worker left his last words
In a horrible letter
When the last word was read
We became invincible.
Enough of us had died to pay
For our escape from hell.
No longer shackled together
But bonded
No longer prisoners
But soldiers
And today we go to war
A brave Russian man
Stepped forward from our ranks
Filled with hate only hell can birth
He took
One of us by the hand
And put a weapon in our other
But none so deadly
As hope
Our day came in cold October
...we killed them all.
The rage
My God the rage
And with the screaming of the sirens
We screamed to each other
"Brothers! Our destiny has come"
Said the brave Russian man
"Tell the world what has happened here!"
The fence toppled
And so many of us did too
As we ran through the mines
Lives laid down
On the howling explosions
To create a path to freedom
That cost us five hundred and fifty
Of six hundred
Not all of us alive
But all of us free.