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YISUN said: let there not be a genesis, for beginnings are false and I am a consummate liar.
Psalms, Book 1

Kill Six Billion Demons is a webcomic drawn, written, and coloured by Abbadon, who goes by the human name Tom Parkinson-Morgan. It draws inspiration from science fiction, philosophy, Hindu mythology, Lovecraftian horror, and anime. The art style is colourful, chaotic, and beautiful; truly a fitting illustration of the 777,777 + 1 realms of YISUN. For the edification of the reader, extracts from various texts (sacred and otherwise) often accompany each page. You may begin the story immediately with the first offering. Be sure to read your Psalms and Spasms.


“Have you seen that I am a great warrior?”
“I have,” said YISUN, “You are very skilled at reducing your opponents into their constituent parts.”
Psalms 10:27

The story begins with Allison Ruth, barista, anime loser, and sorority sister who just wants to get laid. Unfortunately, her tryst with Zaid is interrupted by a mysterious stranger who grants her the Key of Kings (by shoving it into her skull), followed by a horde from the netherhells that snatch her boyfriend away. She awakens in the Red City of Throne, hub of the somewhat wheel-shaped omniverse, a fallen heaven built on the corpses of the old gods, ruled now by the Seven Black Emperors. This is something of a shock to her.

As we follow Allison through this eldritch land on her quest to rescue her slightly creepy boyfriend, we are introduced to a host of interesting characters which include the genderqueer angel 82 White Chain Born in Emptiness Returns to Subdue Evil, the blue devil / fanfiction writer Ciocie Cioelle Estrella Von Maximus the Third, and the Mendicant Knight Mathangi Mantra Murder the Gods and Topple Their Thrones (former general and conqueror of 20,000 worlds).


"The sword is an ugly piece of metal, and its adherents idiots."
Meti's Sword Manual

This world's pantheon includes gods, angels, devils, humans, androsphinxes, and everything in between. The mythology is fascinating and original, revealed through zen-like koans, fables, and Meti's Sword Manual - a work which is reminiscent of Sun Tzu, if the main theme of The Art of War was futility. The meditations of the prime deity YISUN with his errant courtiers Lord Hansa, Ogam, and the flea-ridden Aesma are hilariously snarky and whimsical. And above all, the artwork is gorgeous.

KSBD is getting a print edition in September 2016.


“Reach heaven by violence.”