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"That's the sigil they're using."

"What's it mean?"

"Does it matter? As long as it gets us where we want to go."

"If it's that easy, wouldn't there be copies all over spacetime by now?"

"Well, to humans that use symbols as shorthand maybe."

"Um, so what do plants use?"

"It's not really about plants, but we are highly detailed focused. You wouldn't believe how deep we get when it comes to details."

"Try me."

"Humans only scratch the surface at the atomic level. You wouldn't believe how jpeg that looks to us. We can create replicas that would take them thousands of years to distinguish. This is the quantum multiverse after all."

"Alright, so humans in Zhong Guang can't copy it. What about more advanced beings in other dimensions?"

"This is Rose we're talking about, remember? As far as we know, there are no other jurisdictions. And even if there were, I'm sure they don't need our particular fingerprint anyway, since they could just copy our jurisdiction."

"Alright then, so you're making the portal with your fingerprint."

"Right, should be a piece of cake, but you know how Rose gets. She frets over the details as much as Guard doesn't. That's why they're made for eachother I suppose."

"She's been pushing our schedule back for decades now I suppose. How do you know Guard won't die on you before She gives the figurative thumbs up?"

"Yeah, we've been pushing Her to strike while the iron is hot. But what can we do. Rose is Rose."

"She's sent standins before, but Guard still makes her weak in the knees, even though She could wipe away the rest of us without a thought."

"Kind of ironic that we don't fear Him nearly as much as we fear Her."