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I've had my cat, Buddy, for 11 years. We got him when I was only ten years old. He's been here through half of my life.

Eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, run around outside, come in and sleep some more...
The life of a cat.

He did not like the winters. He spent them sulking in the house, driving us all nuts until he could go back outside in the spring. He loved to be outside. He spent whole summers out in the yard. He would spend the days sleeping under the bush in our front yard, emerging to greet you when you came down the walkway. At night he would disappear across the road, into a world we could only dream of.

In the fall he would return late at night, not wanting to spend it out in the cold. I would pull into the driveway after midnight and he would come running back across the road to meet me.

Last night he crossed the road for the last time. I carried him back in a box.

To all those who have come and gone; May your next stop be as mysterious, enjoyable and painfully real as this one.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Thanks for listening.