the water sways and the devil cries louder, beckoning me into his caves
and we open the doors to expend the horizon
and I am swept thoroughly clean of clothing and soul
the pantry we walk in is filled not with food
but with souls of the dead and the dying
those that have bargained with unfeeling rainbows
those that have been in kitchens through the hottest summers

each cupboard we open leads to another dead end
and I know that we've gone in here, hand touching hand
but now it's time to stop and reflect on the sand
the beaches and seashores are those who command
the ocean and the moon and the tides of the clouds
and if you listen closely, you can hear the seashells sound
oh sweet Persephone, with Pluto she does walk
and the hell we descend into is beautiful
full of dainty rainbows and the hand of Beelzebub wrapped around the gold