i crept up slowly, on waters they said it would startle, feet against the hard pavement, that is. i did not want to.. you looked so lost, so terribly sad and aching as you knelt beside him, his body cold, not stiff but.. we knew, or thought we did. my hands upon your shoulders, you seemed not to notice the world, or me.

i couldn't speak.

i felt you tremble a little and watched your tears fall in my thoughts, as i could not see your face or the way your eyes shine when moist with pain. i'd seen such stuff numerous times before, implanted in awful memories now, i had only the moonlight for comfort, it blinded me. i could never talk to you like he could.. hurt.

there was a soft sound.. of something moving, i thought but.. i had not felt your body shift until after the light scraping noise had met my ears. you stood up quickly and my hands fell to my sides allowing you space. he lay there, eyes blinking ever so slowly, as if they belonged not to this old man but to a child, an infant..

"he's alive". you were crying and whispering, "he's alive, language is alive.." the thick air softened, thinned, more quickly than i would have liked it to and in that moment.. there were no words.