Metal Gear Solid VR Missions for the playstation (also called Metal Gear Solid Integral in Japan) was an awesome adaptation of the original game's VR missions subsection (available on psx disc one). I found out the other day that Microsoft has actually made an incredible PC port of MGS, and the VR missions are on disc two. Add that to the collection.

The premise is that you are placed in a room with an objective, possibly a weapon, and some chip on your shoulder. You have to clear out the room of enemies, or make it to a certain point, or what not with what they give you, and sometimes within a limited amount of time. The game's title screen says it best: "Tactical Espionage". In English, that means "Stealthy badass".

Some missions are cake: hit a couple of mildly brainless soldiers with a silenced pistol in the back *yawn*. However, some are really hard: make a couple of brainless soldiers step on a few mines without anyone noticing, or what not. There are even a few "special missions", such as slicing people as the stealth ninja guy, or even a mystery mode... lots of looking at textures, and trying to find out who ate the popisicle. "Okay soldier, that was the last one... who ate it!" I think i spent 10 minutes searching their little faces, pixel by pixel until i figured it out. Duh! It's really quite intelligent at times.

This add-on pack (which does not require the original), was a lot of fun, and included some really great special circumstances that were just not included with the game, like trying to take out 30 crystals with the way under-used Stinger missle launcher. Boy thats a stress reliever. "This is for you mom, for not letting me get stay out late.", or "Yes professor, the code DOES compile". They could make an entire game out of that... anyways, enough of my old gripes. Try it. There is also a gameboy version, thats still really sweet (no stinger though). Beat up on millions of disposable soldiers. How much better does it get? And it only leaves you with one burning question... How does one die in a VR training room?