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Today I am mostly thinking deeply.

I love music, good food, wine, painting, playing the piano and walking. Also love going to the pub and banging a few tables over a few (or more) beers. Am completely addicted to music - in no particular order, The Fall, They Might Be Giants, Talking Heads, The Smiths, The Pixies, Bjork, Belle and Sebastian, Ben Folds Five, Kate Rusby etc etc Love to read, write, draw. Like just hanging around town (if that isn`t too sad) and country.

This won't appeal to everybody, but my favourite pastime is getting shedded in a country pub and then staggering home (all three miles of it). Then again, sometimes that isn't my favourite pastime. Sometimes it's reading Tony Millionaire cartoons. At other times it's hunt sabotage (the thrill of the chase and baying for posh people's blood). Then again, I like sitting on trains with my headphones on, people spotting too. Same goes for planes. Not so much automobiles. I love that first cigarette of the day And the last one too. Sylvia Plath moves me deeply. John Irving entertains me totally. William Blake satisfies everything. Could play Particle Man by TMBG on my accordion all day if I'm in the right mood. I love classical music - mostly spacey arctic stuff. If I ever get to paint as well as Paula Rego I will be able to die a happy man. Arguing drunkenly about [politics[, religion, music or science in public is one of the most pleasurable and worthwhile things two people can indulge in. I like to walk for hours and for miles and miles - my wellies are my best friends. My favourite loud song is "Debaser". My novel is called "All Things Are Quite Silent". That's an example of my paradox. Here's another. My favourite word is sometimes "mint" and sometimes "hyperculturalism". I also don't think that "pretentious" is a dirty word - I think it can sometimes be rather a lot of fun.