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I am a Las Vegas native, born in 1966. I've never lived anywhere else, though I've often considered Catalina Island. I have a healthy ego, but so what? I earn a decent living writing about Vegas for media like I.D., Conde Nast T.raveller, and the BBC. I once published an alternative weekly (SCOPE). My partner is Sapphire Dawn, a beautiful hairstylist and former stripper/exotic dancer. Passions are politics, electronica (The Crystal Method) and Big Beat., culture and vegetarian food; weaknesses are cars and women. I can never be a politician, nor would I want to be, but I am a Libertarian at heart. I'm also an atheist or agnostic, depending upon who is assessing. I've never taken dr.ugs, but support legalization; it is ridiculous to legislate morality. I dig risotto, the X-Files, Dana Scully's rack, Jodie Foster, and our 1967 Mercedes Benz. I know Quizro, despite his denials, and once owned a King Ding.