But most of all, about people itself. Yes, I know how ironic it sounds, we're talking about "super-heros" here.

Before I go on, lets set things straight: I've only watched the show, it's 5am and I didn't sleep, so let's take everything with a grain of salt, thank you (and btw: this is probably going to get long).

• First off: What do I mean?
The Umbrella Academy is about people, their flaws, their fears, their envy, attachments, grieve, their emotions. The very thing that makes us human and makes us fragil. Even when we have power, and I mean this in a connotative way (super powers) and on a literal way (actual power, over others, over ourselfs, and so on).

• Ok, and now what?
It's a human show. It follows our patterns. It does seem silly at times, but why? Because we, as humans, don't follow a script, we don't follow a set of rules that makes us more coherent to watch. We are malleable.
We act silly in serious situations, we try, and try, and try and still get it wrong, we feel frustrated when we know the answer is right there in front of us but it's not that easy, and worst of all, that we need people.
And the show demonstrates this in the most realistic way of them all, with complete caos!

(For some it may seem cliché: Another story about how in the end we just have each other and that is time we let our bullshit behind us and do something for the world, that its time to be selfless.
But I've never seen it be told that way!)

• Can you see how much I love this thing already? (Mostly just praises you can skip if needed be).
Gerard Way's art direction is mind blowing, and that's coming from someone who wasn't a fan of MCR — and still isn't (sorry, not my type of music) — neither had heard of the comic before (again, my bad). It really is outstanding what he did, and how he did it is the craziest thing about it.
The visuals go hand in hand with what it's trying to provoke on it's viewers (and sometimes it's just really fucking cool).

But I can't describe this kind of thing as easily, it gets too hard to focus when I try, so...

•Let's talk about Hargreaves, shaw we?
This psycho was there, for all eternity somehow, and he made the same thing over, and over, and over, and over just studying it's results ultil he got it right. Taking, missing, and learning how to dominate them enough to achieve his goal.
And what goal was that? PUSSY.
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, and world domination, whatever).

Do I have theories? YOU BET. Would they be answered by just checking out the comic? Probably! But I'm going to tell you about them anyway.

• Theories, baby!!
I don't think Hargreaves "restored" the time-line/world (duh-doy). Because if so, Claire and Ray wouldn't exist together, Sloane wouldn't get lost even though Ben (the prick one) was there, Luther wouldn't be back from the dead — but that's discussable —, Hargreaves's name wouldn't be everywhere and well, at least I think that their powers wouldn't "go missing".
And the show hints this to us throughout all the 8th, 9th, and 10th episode (if I remember correctly). The 10th one mostly:
With Lila answering (to a question I can't remember) "the hotel" kind of out of the blue, the * ding * sound of the elevator when they first appear, the fact that Allison is the first one to be shown after everything goes down – giving us that feeling of "she got what she wanted in the end" –, how Hargreaves mentioned "finally getting his prize", the looks shared across Viktor and Five, as well as the ones shared with the audience (their occasional face of confusion, of "maybe there IS something wrong").
On the earlier episodes it's hinted that whatever it was that he (Hargreaves) was doing was clearly not what he was saying, and that he was, once again, studying. But this time he got lucky, REALLY lucky.

• This section is so that you can finally get closure on "What do I mean?". (Did you like it??? I feel pretty smart, not gonna lie, but I might as well be wrong about everything).
By the entire time line collapsing and so on, he got the chance to learn more than he'd ever did.
To learn about us, our flaws, our fears, our envy, attachments, grieve and our emotions. The very thing that controls us.
He dominated it completely, to a point of no return (hypothetically).

It's snakes eating their own tail: He leaves them to their own manipulation and trust issues until they do his job for him. He no longer needed to discipline anyone. He played with how deep down – as all humans do – all they wanted was love, safety, confort and validation, and that was enough.
And somehow he made it so that even if all went wrong, it would work out for him in the end.

And its "why?", "how?" and "what are they going to do about it?" that I'm looking forward to discover.

The Umbrella Academy