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There are two types of people: people who assume they see through everything, and the blissfully ignorant.
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It was nice working with you
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I'm back. I guess it's been six months. I couldn't really stick around because I did some stupid things and E2 honestly wasn't helping. I sort of had some t-shirts made, and I've still got a whole fucking box, which I considered selling, but to who? End result = I will try to get together the t-shirt list and give refunds plus tshirts to those who have paid me so long ago. You were very cool to have done so and I am an asshole to have not put up for my part of the deal. I feel very bad about this whole thing. If you have unfinished business with t-shirts, /msg me. Thank you.

I came very close to very bad things over the past six months, and I'm still not far from some of them. I had to play triage and E2 was near the bottom as a hobby.





edb has a posse   edb has a posse

E D B   HAS   A   P O S S E

   edb has a posse   edb has a posse

I AM SELLING EDB HAS A POSSE TSHIRTS!!!! GO BUY ONE!!!! It's actually a way of getting you to give me your address. I'm glad everyone likes them anyway...

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I call this one "Yellow Submarine" or "Long John Silvers Makes Me Seasick" or "The Naughty Nautical Theme From 20,000 Leagues Under the Sexy Sea"
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BC #dcda6d
ORC #d6d5e2
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ALC #f7f4e4

LB #1b1a52
L/NTB #262265

TF Tahoma,Verdana,Helvetica,Arial
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