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University of Kent, Canterbury
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The mere existence therein...

Sprung forth into the world in a little suburb of Johannesburg in South Africa. Only memory from then is of standing in the front garden, wearing only a t-shirt, and peeing into the flowers.

Moved soon thereafter to Glasgow, Scotland, where it rained a lot, then back to Pretoria, South Africa, where it pretty much didn't rain for thirteen years. Then back to Glasgow, where I went to the University of Glasgow to do a BSc in Computing Science, and finally here to the University of Kent, Canterbury (famous for its Cathedral and The Ocakbasi) to do my PhD, again in Computing Science.

Spend my time tinkering with garbage collectors and compilers for the Java Virtual Machine.

...and the comings and goings thereof.

February 8, 2002: Fly to Singapore tomorrow for Chinese New Year, then to Kuala Lumpur for two days, and finally to Tokyo for a week. Will investigate most thouroughly Tokyo's Best Stuff.

February 11, 2002: Went to Singapore Chinatown at midnight to celebrate Chinese New Year. Streets were packed with stalls and everyone and their auntie was trying to buy bak kwa from the little Bee Chun Hiang shop. There was a televised performance at the bells, during which silver(!) hong bao were thrown into the crowd.

February 18, 2002: Had a beer at sunset in the Flamme d'Or Sky Room Bar at the top of the Asahi Super Dry Building. It was, unfortunately, cloudy behind Shinjuku, but the view was nonethless spectactular.

February 20, 2002: Met apelet in the Mark City Starbucks in Shibuya. No, I didn't get a free Latte, but that was my fault, as I ordered before asking for him. He is spot-on about Shibuya, BTW -- it's the proverbial dog's bollocks.