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Grand Bitch is young and has been married for a short time when the Rich Uncle comes to visit.

He is an attorney and has bought property all around Washington, DC. It is the property that is making him rich, though he also owns one of the top legal firms in DC.

His brother, Grand Bitch's father in law, is a minister. A congregationalist minister in Iowa. He is not very interested in money, though he does want to support his family of two beloved children. Grand Bitch's husband being one.

Grand Bitch's husband is a physician. However, he chose to be a general practitioner and now has returned to training, because specialties are all the rage and his practice failed. He is training to be a psychiatrist.

Grand Bitch has been told that she mustn't alienate this Uncle, who helps the family.

And so she serves him dinner: shit on a shingle.

The Rich Uncle is served, along with Grand Bitch's doctor husband, back in training, and her two sons and small daughter. The Rich Uncle looks at his plate. “Shit on a shingle!” he says and laughs. “I haven't had this in years! Not since I was in the military! How wonderful!” He eats it with delight.

The visit with the Rich Uncle goes well. He is delighted that Grand Bitch stands up to him, does not behave in a girlish manner, and that she holds her ground in conversation.

I will be back,” says the Rich Uncle. He kisses her hand. “After all, where else can I be served the food of my youth.”

Not only does he come back, but when he dies, Grand Bitch and her young daughter, now the poverty stricken married artist with a graduate student husband, are both beneficiaries of the Enormous Trust that he leaves, with quarterly payments. And Grand Bitch is quietly pleased.