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The term posey comes from the combination of poem and essay, and a posey ring is traditional style of ring that is made with a short message imprinted in the metal. Posey rings are typically given as engagement rings, wedding rings and tokens of affection between lovers.

Imprinting messages on posey rings date back to the 13th century. Around the 16th century the messages imprinted on posey rings moved to the interior surface of the ring and the messages a secret between lovers. Most of the inscriptions on a posey ring are traditionally in Norman French with a mixture of Latin and English also used on some examples.
Listed below are some common examples:
   AMOUR VINCIT OM         Love conquers all
   AMOUR ET CONSTANCE      Love and steadfastness
   ERUNT DUO IN CAME UNA   They shall be two in one flesh
   IEME LA BELLE           Love is beautiful
   IN BONE FAY             In good faith
   MON COR AVEZ            Have my heart
   AUTRE NE VUEIL          Desire no other
   SAUNZ DEPARTIR          Without division (all my love 
                           is yours)
   NUL AUTRE               None other
   PRIVATA DI TE MORIO     Deprived of thee I shall die
   POUR AMOUR … SAY DOVE   For love so sweet
   SANS MAL DESYR          Without evil wish
   SEMPER AMEMUS           May we love forever
   UNE DEZIR               One desire