three sided estate shabby chic cardboard palace.dewy clothes
                   riverfront views                 m dry mouth, wet feet
      INTO THIS      tweedy decor     TURNSTILE      fire makes a sunrise
   DRAWN     CITY     amenities:    FLAT     CLACK     we can all warm to
 AGAIN         FLOW    gooddog    WITH  grey   SHOES     bruised jokes of
ONCE    quiet   LIKE    skips    LOUD  coats;   SCUFF     burning bridges
     keep calm   HOUR    +++    TUBE  symbol of  TRAIN      common ground
wait here. soon   GLASS        DARK  our kinship  CROWS        toast this
the peakhour tide   SAND     INTO   find the nuts   FARTS         new day
will ebb. con brio    MUTE PUSH    i bring for you     LEAVES     
  the park will stir                   pockets filled       =|==|==|==|==
          with squirrelly play.            my eyes closed 
pigeons    a pizzicato dance                 statue-still i sit.
     pearl,    my peanuts     of architect    my furry family      spring
J..    slate,    tempt      ghosts    dreams.  treads nutty     erosion
<3...   ochre;            stone   .V    borne   quests on    decay     ..
K H...   dusty           warm  .O..A..   among   myriad    taste    .FREE
.......   cloud.        like  ..P..C..T.  built   toes   feet     .......
BILL....   flight     drift  $..E..A..A..  forms       soft     .INTERNET
POSTERS...   of gargoyles.     .N..N..T..P.  on feathered     ...........
PROSECUTED..                      .C..T..A..   edges.        ............
................     veins with    Y..O..R..D.           soon
O N E....SUBWAY    lane      good   ..O..K..R..S..$    ends  ............
W A Y.........   side          flow  .S..I..A..T..   shift   ............
     ...WIN..   into    sun     back   ..N..G..O.   well     
peak  ..$$$.   fare    grass     seat    G..O..P   pays      fat with joy
 hour  ...    your    rooftop     view     .N.    trip   +   walking home
   slow     wend    garden.wind.    shows       next   +++   she loves me
     purr~taxi     insects explore.   tension~hope   +++++   she loves me
                       Solomon's wren                        stunning yes
           fixed*gear    finds her peace.     SWERVEsafe     high spirits
         road     slide    A nest secure     door   LOOK     humming wire
       slick        weave.   in stormy     open     NEXT     just pretend
      whir  ._. |:    curb     chaos.     cars      TIME!    heartstrings
     spin         .-.   jump             lane                are immortal
   pedal           :|     stop         bike               
  lock    |:       ._.       make     next.    doyle:
feet      ._.     |:           delivery.      "how much are we missing 
            :| .-.                             because of our literacy 
      NEW OFFER                  sample bag    can we see beyond deeds
   THIS       FINE              skin care   +  and titles? ... chasing
 TAKE           DEAL           imported   +++  symbols,changing truths
HERE             BEST        this new   +++++  so they fit more smugly
       o o        TEAM     show you   +++++++  into our internal world"
 o o  o o o   o o  GOOD  Can I      +++++++++ 
o o o  o o   o o o TERMS          
 o o          o o   OPPORTUNI...FREEpassTAKEthisSURVEYminuteOFYOURTIME
           o o                          GETYOURCOMMERCIALMSGHERD
slow      o o o             ring. eyes     PARKINGTICKETPARK
  flap     o o            ears     close    SPEEDINGTICKETS     grace
    blue      o o       damp         toes    INFRINGEMENTS    dream
     flag    o o o     skin           grip    CLAMPINGTOW   free
      gold    o o     flex             stone    DEMERIT    step
OLD    icon          legs                arms             song
SWEEP    lost      cold                    wide         siren 
STREETS    super-soul.                 ^    traffic bustles       walking
fFINDING                                  ^                    reflecting
tTREASURES          bask roll            ^           run   ears tuned out 
SMOKES BOTTLE    smell     piss            ^      yelp   city living.deaf
    STORIES     dead         grin        ^      growl   to sirens,just so
               find           lope         ^   bite    much noise,  steps
snif            ball             peer    ^      play     into the traffic
roll         lost      WHERE      snif    ^    wag grin     and meets the
shake     chase        CAN I       snif     lope lope           ambulance
  dig dig              MEETU      scratchfleas                    face to 
        waterworld                          last summer
      hops      swim          @PARK       for water perhaps
    lick          smooth      5PM       quest         she will
   bugs   .TOP..    strokes   CU       long               return
  dewy   ..NEW...     floaty  THERE   deep             
 leaf   ........BIG     croak        swam       hands wrap hot coffee 
hops   .BOX.....BUY.      song      left.       first taste of a new city
frog  ..CAR..........      for her who          anticipation