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a house.

a house with a wierd history, at that.

first, it was a grotty old nursing home. i remember once upon a time, my mum and my sister would take flowers over to the residents. but i think they all died off, and the home remained empty for a while.

then, the archdiocese of glasgow took over it for a year or two. the window opposite mine was an office.

a few years passed by, and lo and behold, renovation began. the house was separated from its neighbour - the ugly connecting passage was removed. and some south africans moved in. really nice people they were, too - but the job that brought them here disappeared, and so did they.

a couple rented the house for a few months, and then they left.

then a family, and they left

then, another family, who didn't really live there - there only seemed to be people around on occasional weekends (but they kept the garden looking nice)

and now? renovation continues, and there's a lot of money being spent. we think there's another family moving in. and after sixteen years in this house, there might be someone to wave to in the view from my room.