Snail mail is the predecessor to e-mail. Snail mail is physical and tangible, in the US it is delivered by the US Post Office. One writes a letter with a pen on paper and puts it in an envelope with a stamp and sends it to someone. See quaint.

When you get tired of writing email
to people all day you can kick back
in a comfy chair with a legal pad
and write some snail mail to people.

Or write a postcard, especially the ones with the cool pictures on the other side of airplanes.

If you know what their address is.

It will surprise people to get snail
mail from you.

The traditional way to send messages to people (family, friends). Has been partially replaced by e-mail, but still has its place in society. Different forms include:

- Air Mail
- Ground Mail
- Courier (eg: UPS)
- Boat Mail

Of course there are many more, and with proper names as well. If all else fails, try the following:

- Carrier Pigeon
- Pony Express

Every year a certain postal service holds a contest to see which will deliver a set amount of mail faster. The two competitors being the modern day mail service and the pony express. Every year, the pony express wins.
When you're moving, you'll need to fill out of change of address forms, of course (if you care about getting your mail), which you can print out from But you should also consider how your mail gets forwarded to you.

Ideally, you would fill out your change of address form up to 30 days before your moving date. You can expect your forwarded mail to arrive 3-5 days after that date. The post office will send a confirmation letter to your old address and one to your new address on your moving date.

First-class, Priority and Express Mail are forwarded for 12 months, with the exception of those marked "Do Not Forward." Second-class (periodicals) is forwarded for 60 days at no charge. Standard Third-Class (circulars, catalogs, advertising) is not forwarded unless requested. Fourth-Class (Parcel Post) is forwarded locally for 12 months at no charge. Mail forwarding is free, except for parcel post deliveries forwarded outside the local area.

Notify people, companies that bill you, etc., 30 days before your moving date. Notify magazine/newspaper publishers and other business mailers 4-6 weeks before.

Mail marked "Do Not Forward" is returned to sender (but not "address unknown") - with the new address - if your move is permanent.

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