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Brief Info: WOW! Someone actually decided to give me a job and, eventually move me to a foreign country. Soooo, now I won't starve and the job isn't flippin' burgers. Woo-Hoo! To sum up my life. I grew up outside of New York. I now live in London by way of Chicago, Santa Barbara, Oakland and Ohio.

For 7 years, I've had about 10 writeups sittin' in my head that i'm trying to create...all in fragment form, but some quality shit will come out of them, i assure you!...really, i swear! :). Let's be honest, it ain't gonna happen. But I still like sniffing around E2 and maybe it'll come to me.

One thing that's really impressed me is the large amount of quality nodes people here manage to write....i'm more or less a factual noder (i like to color my "facts" with some obviously biased opinions...but almost all my nodes are based in some sort of human reality, i guess) and to see people with such vast amounts of knowledge and the ability to put it into words so quickly is pretty damn cool.

myself...i enjoy the voting system...but only as a form of feedback on a base level...obviously, if i've written something you like, dislike, disagree with, think is wrong (factually or otherwise), \msg me and things can be discussed, reworked or fixed the end, i find the voting system useful because it allows me to create quality nodes...that's why i'm here...screw the hierarchy of E2, let's just make the data sitting there the best it can be.

Now, wasn't that exciting?

Contact me? mattbadassATbeerDOTcom

Nodes/Topics I wanna work on (or add to):

  • Info on Supreme court justices (i'm noticing a slight bias in the current WUs that needs to be offset :-)...dont worry, it'll be fact based and tasteful :-)
  • Sirens of Titan
  • Amelie
  • The Flirtations
  • Michael Callen
  • Jane Austen (just put in my 1cent to the nice writeups)
  • Some sort of cogent ideas behind the unwritten history of the world
  • Some thoughts on Ceremony
  • Soviet History
  • Beer nodes

For those of you who care, my username is not a sign that i am bad, nor am i an ass. And i'm not a badass either. It's a bastardization of my last name that amuses me (among the millions of screw ups for my last name, this is the only really funny-ish one). Hence, I usually sign up for shit as "mattbadass".