A small liberal arts college in northern Ohio, about 45 minutes west of Cleveland. Among other things, Oberlin is known for its rigorous academics, being one of the first colleges in the US to admit women and african-americans, and for its annual Drag Ball which is attended by over 1/3 of the student body.

I think I'll do the whole Node your University thing.

Oberlin College is kind of like The Island of Lost Toys. It's like a dumping ground for all the weirdos in high school. The two or three students in high school who got good grades, but did it for the sake of learning, not to please their parents, fit in with their yuppie friends, or prepare for earning riches later in life. The cognoscenti. That and the absence of a business degree and any Greek events on campus make Oberlin the perfect undergraduate college for the outcast.

Though there are no frats or sororities, Oberlin has several co-ops and program houses, which are ideal for kids who want to explore a specific culture, speak/learn a certain language, or feel safe as a person of color or as a woman. These special houses are located on the south side of campus, wheras the generic dorms and athletic facilities are more towards the north side. They often host movies in a special language or discussions about relevant political issues.

As a member of the Third World, or Price house, I can tell you that the program houses can be a bit over dramatic and may go a little crazy with political correctness, but anyone can fit in there as long as he or she shows respect for those of a different race and/or sexual orientation. Racial tension does exist wherever you go, but if diversity is what draws you to Oberlin, try to get into one of the program houses. No house (except Baldwin) is limited to a specific race or group, and it's a great experience.

The program houses are:
Bailey- French house
Max Kade- German house
Allencroft- Russian House
Harvey- Spanish House
Lord-Saunders- Afrikan Heritage House (The food there is excellent.)
Quadrangle- Asia House
Johnson- Hebrew House
Price- Third World House (there is also a Third World Co-op, located in Baldwin)
Baldwin Cottage- Women's Collective (women only, but the rooms in there are SO NICE. Many residents here are of transgendered and/or lesbian orientation.)

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