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Goodness, the mere thought of publishing such selfish info on the oueb is as daunting as that of joining Scientology! And I don't yet appreciate its usefulness (not like posting a c.v. at Michael Page) nor interested parties, so I'll just stick to some basic statistics about my accumulated experience.

Residential experience :
Hollywood, CA (1954-1970, 1976-1979); New Haven, CT (1970-1975); Berkeley, CA (1975-1976); Strasbourg & vicinity (1979-present).
Linguistic experience :
American (1952 to present), French (1952 but more honestly 1966 and for sure 1979 to present). Inventor of the word "selfone".
Family experience :
marriage, parenting, separation, single-parenting, widowership (or widowerhood? neither seem to exist as words, but probably one of them should).
Tribal & Bonding experience :
member of a fraternal (literary) society; corporate (cubicle) life during 26 years. Attended ISMP 2003.
Travel experience :
USA - I80, I70, Route66, PCH; Europe - much of, both for work and for holiday; in tour groups - Tunesia, Morocco, Thailand. Not yet southern hemisphere.

Good noding, da da da din duh (pause), good noding well gosh, is really satisfying and gratifying! (apologies to the Who and the Young Rascals, and a sigh for the nice cover by the Dead, and yes, the the in the Who and the s in Rascals are correct usage in the e2 context).

But I think my TRUE calling is as an edger, or softlinker if you prefer. The footprints in the snow are interesting to follow, but also a tremendous rush to make! To be the first to tread the path to a related node is exhilarating. Yet to encounter non sequitur softlinks is a bit of a slap in the face, and one (I) would like to erase the mistakes, or at least lighten them a putting some branches on a forest path that leads nowhere to discourage the unknowing from wasting their time or effort. Not that no-one should ever go there, just not from here.