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Day 5 of shelter-at-home in California.

Grocery store had plenty of stuff, except paper products. Loner me hadn't bought a full basket of groceries in years!

Reacquainting myself with 'American Tune' by Paul Simon on piano just now. Had it worked out a few years ago. I played the chorus on the piano for the first time since a little guitar effort a couple of days ago and was really struck by the flying imagery, which I never saw as more than a word in this song that I love deeply. Not patriotically or anything. It's not even imagery, just mention of dreams of flight. Even just picking a little bit on the guitar gives me goosebumps. Anyway I had a brief positive-but-tinged tsunami of emotion about how we're all so connected and alone, for a few seconds. Like the other day when I felt the incredible grief that my brother Mike might actually die soon and I hugged the wargame he gave me for Christmas for dear life.

He reports his flu-like thing moved to his chest Monday morning but has been stable since. And he's texting about normal stuff in a normal way so I feel he's doing ok.