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in response to Ariston's now-deleted writeup, which recommended that use of the 6 inaccessable dimensions be opened up to end users:
While your ideas may sound nice from your perspective, I am afraid that you simply do not understand the concept of object-oriented programming. I suggest you find a copy of the paper published in ACM titled Methods and Standards - Information hiding, which provides a vastly simplified but still enlightening treatment of some of the issues at heart here.
in response to several writeups within this thread:
While we realize that the rather non-intuitive values and uses of pi, e and the golden ratio may cause consternation among users, we hope you can understand that this was absolutely necessary in order to maintain backwards compatibility. Do not try to ask what it is for backwards compatibility with; that information is not provided to entities with conscious attachments to the material plane, unless they are under NDA. Just trust us; it makes sense. Suffice it to say that the Ordinal Number system (1, 2, 3, etc) is actually the one that follows "unnatural" patterns, not the values of e and pi (in any consistent geometry, at least). Keep in mind that the Fibonacci Sequence service and its so-called "ordinal quantity" user interface are not necessarily things that we are are under any obligation to provide, and that they were implemented solely as a courtesy to users. Be happy we were able to get them in.

Oh, and some of you have reported issues you may be having involving the nature of square roots of negative numbers or behavioral quirks in the concept of infinity (i.e. relative sizes of infinite sets and/or the whole "divide by zero" issue). These are NOT bugs. They are inherent consequences of deeply rooted design decisions. STOP ASKING ABOUT THEM.

We apologize for the problems with apparent "inconsistencies" of quantum mechanics, geometry and relativity issues across levels of what you choose to call "scale"; we are currently working on the usability concerns with these patterns, and our top developers are currently experimenting with new ways of looking at this particular problem in hopes of finding a viable alternative.

Thank you for your time; if you have any more questions feel free to contact our customer service representatives, or consult our 24-hour automated help system. Note though that Verthandi, Urd and Skuld are not responsible for general technical support; please do not bother them unless specifically referred.