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        To be is to preach

Multinational, multilingual, multiform, multivalent, multiannual multidisciplinary non-multimillionaire.

English is not my first language, nor is it my second. So I try to get by in my luxurious third class accommodation, sipping whatever they serve in this place. In addition, I abuse Oliver Twist while sipping.

Religious position:

I guess everybody has one, even if it may sometimes take the form of a non-position. I could probably term myself secularist, but I have lately come to like the word “a-atheist” as a description of my religious position. The word “a-atheist” is not an emulation of a speech defect. Rather, it expresses indifference to the Atheist Hypothesis. Why be indifferent to the Atheist Hypothesis? Because it denies the Monotheist Hypothesis (= "There exists X who is Y"), an empirically meaningless statement. Why should anybody go to the trouble of denying meaningless statements? Well, I don’t, so hence I’m an atheist of indifferent persuasion, thus an "a-atheist" (aatheist for short). See?
More of this can be gleaned from A superfluous debate and How can a thinking, rational adult be a monotheist?.

From the Catbox :
Auduster: Ah Montecarlo ... e2's living embodiment of the enlightenment ... Don't you once, just once, want to get truly medieval on someone?

<Following the most revealingly reasonable and commendably civil example of izubachi, I have humbly declared my intention to become a
Serial Upvoter
Mind you, I'm not a consistent Serial Upvoter. I implement Serial Upvoting to suit my tastes and abilities. But I do have honorable intentions.