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mission drive within everything
I want to put hardlinks in hardlinks so I can make a crazy self-referential world of witticisms and double entendres.
Breaking my toes in my sleep. Making more noise than a reasonable mammal should while cooking.
I'm very bad at mottos. Aren't they just quotes? I don't remember enough of my razor-sharp wit to quote myself, sorry.
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nut loaf
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I'm into teleportation and pseudorandom waveforms.

       ~               moosemanmoo is a Planet-Sized Blob
~ that fell through a Dimensional Warp, spins Vast Webs,
~ projects a Purple Forcefield, and

<rootbeer277> Yeah, what's a gay man doing with an intercom?

<Ancientsnow> My virgins never get spoiled because I keep them in the fridge.

<Whiskeydaemon> I once vomited on a cat.

<ushdfgakjasgh> they used to call me "the yeast infection"

<Simulacron3> "Boo!", she said to Satan's face, and Satan took pause, as who would scare Satan may just be one of whom Satan should indeed fear.