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From Iceland to a pawnshop in Arkansas - A true story in outline form

The ring had been my birth grandfather's (on my mother's side).
I don't remember when it was first presented to me by my grandmother. I was about fifteen or sixteen.
My grandmother conveyed to me that it had great importance and should never be lost.
The first time I lost it was on Corky's farm.
My brother Joe and I were trying to pitch a tent in the field in front of the farmhouse.
My brother said, "The only thing I know for sure is that it is an inside frame".
Four or five hours later we discovered that it was an outside frame.
The grass was tall and it took another four or five hours to find the ring.
The second time I lost it I was swimming and playing in a river waterfall (just a small one, not Niagara).
The ring slipped off and was somewhere in the waterfall. Again, very difficult to find.
Over time I learned more about my maternal grandfather, Stan.
He was the son of Icelandic immigrants.
He died of cancer and the only time I recall meeting him, I was only six.
When I visited he was in a hospital bed in a small house.
I was more interested in their cuckoo clock.
While staying briefly in a campground in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico, I was in a group of people that included a woman who claimed the ability to read objects. I gave her the ring.
She said that she saw a man who was surrounded by tall trees. She described him as very strong willed. The description was accurate.
The ring was 14k gold and contained a large garnet, blood red.
It had an engraving inside the band that looked like a capital "C" with a tail, like a shooting star.
Once, for no reason that I can recall, I hit a block wall with my fist while wearing the ring. The garnet was slightly chipped.
The third and final time that I lost it, I had no idea where I had lost it or when. I simply couldn't find it.
After years of trying, I gave up.
Thirteen years after losing the ring for the third time, I went into a pawn shop to look at electronic stuff I didn't need, and couldn't afford.
I happened to glance at a case displaying "out of pawn" jewelry and saw a large garnet ring that looked like my late grandfather's (mine).
I asked the pawn shop owner to let me take a closer look and he handed me the ring.
It was identical in every way to the ring that I had lost, right down to the chipped garnet and the engraved "shooting C".
Looking at the ring and the jewelry showcase, I thought, "That's not where I left it." The marked price was $75.00, which I didn't have.
My birthday was coming up and after hearing the story, my daughter Shanti bought the ring and returned it to me for my birthday.