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October 13, 2002
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I am a student at a magnet school in New Jersey. My main interests are programming, atheism, gaming, war, and MTG.
Aside from the fun stuff, I am an avid sci-fi and fantasy reader. I have somewhat slowed down my reading because of my lack of having time. After I finish college, however, I'll take up all my hobbies again.
Somebody set up us the bomb
Take off every "zig".
You have no chance to survive make your time
All your base are belong to us

Perspectives On Life and My Box

- I Hate AOL
- When I BS for real, I make itsound so fake that only the most idiotic of idiots will believe it.
- No matter what anyone says, Microsoft does NOT suck. It might be evil and corrupt, else am I going to play the best games?
- Tech teachers are generally IDIOTS.
- Most importantly, ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US.

- Poor bum constantly saving up for the latest computer (even though I have one I will save for another).
- Atheist
- Will try to find job as web designer or programmer.