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I seem to spend all my time doing something, but I never know what it is exactly.

I know that the things I am doing are mostly important to me. They are being stored in my brain, and will always be useful, directly or indirectly.

(Because my personal storage device appears to be unable to handle the current information flow, I have bought a Palm m500. It helps. Gadgetry is beautiful.)

However, I have a hard time expressing the importance of the things I am doing to others.

It's not a vocabulary thing, or an oral expression thing.

I suppose I could blame it on the obtuseness of others, or their inability to understand my point of view.

I have discovered that I seem to have an unquenchable thirst for pouring information into my brain. Hence, I love this place.

I also note that there are 15 mentions of the word "I" here. Because of that I suppose there are those who would call me self-obsessed. So be it.

Here Be Quotes:

   "Art lives in the world, not in isolation, 
    and breathes through exposure to an audience."
                   - Shane Danielsen,
                     The Australian newspaper,
                     April 14-15, 2001.

   "You know art is why I get up in the morning,
    But my definition ends there.
    You know it doesn't seem fair
    That I am living for something I can't even define,
    And there you are right there in the meantime." 

                   - Ani Difranco, Out of Habit.

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