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Psychiatry / Electronic Music / Drawing / Druidism
"Never take your pen out if it won't come in covered with blood. Or something like that".
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July 21, 2003
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Born in 1973, right after the military strike in Chile.

As you may guess, my language isn't English. So please, be merciful with me. Don't bite me if sommetimez my grammmar and mein ortografiks fail miserably. I weill make my beast effortz.

What else ?

Mmmmh, i'm married. I have one daughter, Emilia. She is gorgeous. Yeah, she is. And she is only two months old.

I'm a fan of electronic music, i compose electronic music yeah, and you might hear me at... No. I guess I'll skip free advertisement. and one of my most famous songs is Pinochet is Dead. All right, you asked: http://orbiter.iuma.com . Shhhh !

Right now, i'm alive and writing this biography.