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Southbound on short notice. Piled into the car bundled in sweaters coats scarves leaving town on the edge of fading daylight. The usual miles melting to hours and country fields smearing a flickering green brown outside the windows. Rain traded to a detached fog over the mountain pass, closing our world small and soft among this we gathered one off the side of the road. In the dark speeding just glowing dials and kind of faces under occasional oncoming headlights.

At last six hundred miles south she was waiting for us awake with made beds perfect, restless sleep and instructions ready till morning. From there it was all public transit, one form or another. Backwards facing we watched where we had been the intercom where we would be floating over crossed ties rails. Airport our nexus home. Watch waiting, people passing until faces are no longer distinct and just motion. Shuddering shaking honking speeding busride into the dark cold city tired walking the streets to eat in a small meal and return to the airport. Early morning sleepy crammed small into seats lined hundreds forwards. Water dripping from the ceiling seatbelts stolen five hours into warmer weather clear sparkling oceans.

Tired backpacks call connecting through the city buildings tall solid towards scattered trees and low green. Walking warm rain down the shoulder of the road rides with strangers still sort of figuring a corner out for ourselves in the short time we had. Sometimes we reached out to quiet crowd we shared out motion with, most of the time we just filed them away memories for later.